Published: March, 2024. TV spend from multiple sources for a recent 3 months period.

In this edition of mass tort spends, we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the hottest trending torts and ad spends in the month of February.
This piece delves deep into the hottest trends in mass tort cases, providing valuable insights.


Roundup ad spends Feb 2024

Roundup, despite a slight decline in popularity, still maintains its third position on the list with significant spending in February. Bayer recently experienced wins in Roundup trials after facing major losses.

A Delaware wrongful death trial ended in a hung jury, while an Arkansas trial resulted in a defense verdict for Bayer. These successes followed significant losses in St. Louis and Philadelphia totaling almost $4 billion in damages.

As of March 1, 2024, the Roundup MDL in federal court saw a notable increase with 50 new cases added last month. This marks the largest monthly rise in the MDL for quite some time, bringing the total pending cases to 4,253.

Fire Fighting Foam

TV ad Spends- AFFF- Feb 2024

We can see a significant downward trend in ad spends for firefighting foam this month. Despite the settlement deal addressing water contamination cases last Summer, the AFFF firefighting foam MDL continues to grow.

In the past 30 days alone, 176 new cases joined the MDL. Since the beginning of the year, almost 400 new cases have been added.

On February 9, a South Carolina federal judge approved a significant $1.18 billion settlement involving DuPont, Chemours, and Corteva related to water pollution caused by PFAS.

Despite objections, the judge deemed the settlement adequate, shifting attention to AFFF firefighting foam wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

This decision comes after a $12.5 billion agreement with 3M Co. for similar claims, signaling ongoing efforts to address PFAS pollution.


TV ad Spends- Paraquat- Feb 2024

Paraquat experienced an upward trend in ad spends this month. Holding just above $382,842, (as opposed to 335,382 last month) this legal claim finds itself in a noteworthy position. Each month, an increasing number of individuals discover the connection between this herbicide and their Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, seeking legal and financial solutions. In the past month, 241 new cases were included in the Paraquat class action MDL, marking the highest monthly increase since November. The total number of pending cases in the MDL has now reached 5,318.

Hair Straightener/ Hair Relaxer 

TV ad Spends- Hair Straightener- Feb 2024

The Chemical Hair Straightener mass tort appears to be losing momentum, reporting $139,645 compared to last month’s $197,575. After steadily rising for a few months, we are keen to observe the trajectory of interest in this relatively new legal claim.

In the past month, 117 new cases joined the hair relaxer class action MDL, making the total pending cases to 8,334. This is a notable shift from last Summer when the MDL was averaging 2,500 new cases monthly.

MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident):

The ad spend for Motor Vehicle Accidents has shown consistent growth, reaching $3,140,889. This upward trend indicates sustained interest and engagement in this legal area.


The expenditure on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) advertising has exhibited consistent growth, totaling $193,121, compared to the previous month’s spending of $190,771.

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