Published: July, 2023. TV spend from multiple sources for a recent 3 months period.

In this edition of mass tort spends, we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the hottest trending torts and ad spends in the month of June.

Camp Lejeune

We’ve seen a significant rise and fall in ad spends for Camp Lejeune the past 3 months.  While there has been a slight increase in spending this month it remains one of the most active and financially substantial torts.

Camp Lejeune has the potential to emerge as one of the most monumental tort cases in history, boasting an anticipated payout that could easily position it within the top 10, if not the top 5, largest settlements in the realm of mass torts. This outcome would solidify Camp Lejeune’s significance in the legal landscape.

Fire Fighting Foam

Following a significant surge in the previous month, expenditures on the fire fighting foam tort has shown a consistent upward trend. The ad spends for the fire fighting foam tort had exceeded $1 million. 

As we eagerly await the outcomes of the initial bellwether trials, it is noteworthy to mention that 3M has reached a settlement agreement with the city of Stuart, FL. 

This settlement entails a staggering payment of over $10 billion, spread across 13 years, benefiting numerous utilities throughout the United States. This development takes place amidst a backdrop of other prominent players in the chemical industry grappling with multi-billion-dollar settlements.

While this particular agreement may not directly impact the multitude of pending cases involving PFAS-related health issues, it instills a sense of hope regarding the potential for justice that this tort may bring.

Chemical Hair Straightener

The hair straighteners saw a steady spike in ad spends over the last few months including. The ongoing litigation around Hair Straightener revolves around the issue of bifurcating the discovery process. The proposal suggests initially prioritizing the examination of the hair straighteners’ potential link to cancer before delving into matters concerning liability, risk, and losses.

Irrespective of the outcome of the discovery process, one can anticipate a surge in the number of claimants seeking compensation for issues related to chemical hair straighteners as the year advances. This projection remains consistent regardless of the specific course the discovery process takes, highlighting the significant and growing impact of this litigation on individuals affected by these products.

Hernia Mesh

The ad spends for Hernia mesh has surged marginally as opposed to the previous month.

It is worth noting that Bard is actively striving to prevent high-value claims from reaching the bellwether trials. The outcome of these expensive cases potentially holds significant implications for future settlements in this tort. 


The CPAP tort is witnessing a fluctuating trend in ad spends. Despite more than 24 months having passed since the initiation of the Phillips CPAP recall, lawsuits persistently accumulate from claimants residing in states with statutes of limitations exceeding 2 years.


Roundup ad spends in June witnessed a significant surge in spending, aligning with a substantial settlement of nearly $7 million reached by Bayer-Monsanto in the lawsuit initiated by the New York Attorney General.

This fall, the initial set of trials in the mass tort lawsuit pertaining to Roundup in Philadelphia are set to begin.


Among all the torts featured in this report, Paraquat stands out with the most remarkable shift, experiencing a significant surge in ad spend that has skyrocketed compared to the previous month.

In the past month, the Paraquat class action MDL witnessed an additional 353 plaintiffs joining the litigation, raising the total number of pending claims within the MDL to 4,083. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 1,731 new Paraquat cases have been included in the MDL, averaging 289 new cases per month. 

The first Paraquat trial is set for October 2023.

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